#RIMjobs. . . A Blackberry Hashtag Crisis!

Photo Cred: Auzigog (Compfight)

Photo Cred: Auzigog (Compfight)

Twitter, a social network that is well known to promote publicity for organizations, businesses, and of course celebrities with a major fan base, is also known for its trending hashtags that has its fails and successes when seen by the billions of people actively involved on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Blackberry became the new victim of a hashtag fail in 2012 when tweeting their need for employees with an added hashtag of #RIMjobs.

Now, if many of you don’t know what this particular word, phrase, or better yet activity means urban dictionary has the perfect elaboration for you.

Blackberry added this hashtag in reference to their project “Research in Motion” that pertained to the company’s 6,000 available job slots of those who were possibly interested in branding Blackberry products.

However, #RIMjobs backfired having derogatory tweets and jokes attached to the company’s name.

I’m not sure how or when Blackberry recovered from this misunderstanding of promoting new job opportunities, that isn’t linked with sexual behavior for the record, but I’m sure they learned the meaning of poor wording when dealing with social networks.

Though this incident has happened many times before, Twitter is ultimately a great look for organizations and celebrities to promote their brand or themselves, it’s how it’s presented that will potentially demise their image. The perfect example has happened to Blackberry, who had only been looking to hire new employees, but adding a hashtag with a sexual reference behind their search painted the wrong picture.

As many of us should know, people, especially those on social networks, take things and run with it and when things like this happen, the internet is the wrong place for it to be seen first.

After reading this hashtag fail about blackberry, I would immediately send out an apology for the misunderstanding and inform those that it was not the company’s intent to send any sexual message when referring to the new job openings. I’m not sure if I would add another hashtag after my statement just to stay away from further fails.


2 thoughts on “#RIMjobs. . . A Blackberry Hashtag Crisis!

  1. This is a very interesting article you’re posting about because very often, we see #hashtags used incredibly wrong, the way it’s not intended to be misinterpreted as. A lot of times, companies are using catchy phrases to grab the audience’s attention, which is fine to promote their services and get people interested, but I think companies just need to say the exact purpose they are trying to convey to audiences and just use social media to get their message across. In other words, make their statement short, sweet, and simple.

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